Site: golemjournal.org(UPDATE: unfortunately, GOLEM Journal is no longer in operation, they couldn't get enough people to write and submit new content Link to site used for testing hosted on my server)

I was approached by the senior editor of GOLEM journal and asked to help them redesign their website. The editorial board had limited experience with HTML and needed an easy way to manage their journal without needing to be a coding expert. Their old website had stagnated due to not having a reliable way to add and modify content. view the original website (as I mentioned above, GOLEM has shut down)

In response to their needs, I build a custom content management system from the ground up using PHP and MySQL. This system allows the editorial board to manage their site without the need to have any knowledge in website design while at the same time retaining control to customize the site easily to fit changing needs over time.

Major front-end features:

  • New sleek design
  • Full-text and keyword search of articles
  • News posts that can be sent to a mailing list
  • Customizable pages

Major back-end features:

  • Multiple user permission levels
  • Secure password management using hashed and salted authentication along with secure password reset
  • Article review section for editorial board commenting before live publication
  • What you see is what you get (WYSIWYG) forms to edit content without knowing HTML/CSS
  • Text based and PDF article support

Here is a view of the back-end interface.(click to enlarge)

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